Parents & Adult Scout Leaders - Team 299
“Training boy leaders to run their troop is the Scoutmaster's most important job.”
“Train scouts to do a job then let them do it.”
“Never do anything a boy can do.” 

Lt. General Robert Baden-Powell (B.P.),
Founder of the World Scout Movement, Chief Scout of the World

A boy's scouting experience is intended to give him a genuine leadership experience. Here are some resources that will enable your scouts to be more effective boy leaders.

Troop Meeting plan form - plan what you're doing at the next meeting
BSA Forms - Local tour permits, weekend camping application, and more!
Troop Program Planning
Troop Annual Planning Meeting
Boy Scout Monthly Themes - 2000

Info for Scout Leaders
Scouting is a game with a purpose - excellent site to explore
Longhorn Council
BSA Eagle Site
Advancement Guidelines
Merit Badge Requirements- 2000
Wood Badge Advance training for Adult Scouters
Junior Leadership (Scout) Development Resources
Codyak Uniform Bank (C.U.B.) - Used uniforms a great price!
More scout Forms - Cub, Webelos, Boy Scouts
Lt. Gen. Robert Baden-Powell Home Page
The best collection of B.P. photos in the world